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Pet and Equine Osteopathy

Dr. Kayte Armstrong is the only veterinarian in Ontario who holds full degrees in both veterinary medicine and classical osteopathy. She is able to apply classical osteopathy to meet the needs of many animals, resulting in improvement of movement, health and vitality. While she does provide mobile ostepathic services, she is unable to proved any conventional veterinary care through this service.

Our animal friends benefit from osteopathic care as well! Whether your pet is a high end fly ball athlete, or an older dog suffering from arthritis, osteopathy can help. We highly recommend you have your pet checked regularly by a veterinarian and communicate freely with your veterinarian about osteopathic care as an adjunct to regular health care.

We are also able to travel to provide treatment to equine patients. Many of our equine patients show improvement in performance and a more balanced movement pattern. Combine this with treatment of the rider, and we address both sides of the equine team. As we have to travel to you, please contact us to book appointments.

Hours of Operation – By appointment

You may book appointments for pets on our convenient web-based booking service, which is available via our Facebook page, or by clicking the tab above.

If there is not a time that fits your schedule, please email to request alternate times.

Due to the need to schedule adequate travel time, we ask our equine clients to email us to book a stable visit.

Pricing (Effective October 1, 2018)

Pets (dogs and cats) $45.00

Horses (and farm animals) $55.00

Mobile fee for our practice area $100.00

Additional mileage fee may apply for outlying areas.

We accept CASH or PAYPAL

Pet and Equine Osteopathy is subject to HST. All animal pricing includes HST.